The Top 10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Workout

7) There Are No Scales in the Disco!

A dancing workout doesn’t use numbers or scales. You just need your body and some great music! While many people shy away from dancing because they think it requires high levels of skill, anyone can have fun on a dance floor. No matter your level of experience, you can burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health by breaking out into moves you’ve learned in class or when you bust out those classic dance party moves at home with friends.

8) Musicality Taps Into All Aspects of Brainpower

One study from 2010 found that dancers showed much greater development in their parietal and frontal lobes than non-dancers. These are areas of our brain that relate to spacial processing, mathematical ability, and perception. Dancers also have better visual short-term memory and are better at multi-tasking than non-dancers. All of these improvements make sense; after all, you’re working out an incredibly large portion of your brain when you take class!

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