The Top 10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Workout

5) Dance Helps Weight Loss

Dancing is an aerobic workout, so it can help you to burn calories and lose weight. Just as many people like to go to Zumba or Jazzercise classes to burn calories, dancing at home can be just as effective. All you need is some kind of music and some space—you don’t even need special equipment! For a fun way to get in shape, try putting on your favorite tunes and having a dance party at home. You’ll definitely feel great afterward!

6) Dance Keeps You Youthful

As we age, our bodies naturally slow down and lose muscle mass. By dancing regularly, you can delay these natural effects of aging and have more energy than your peers well into your later years. It’s never too late to pick up some new moves! After all, Michael Jackson was still working on his moonwalk in his 70s!

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