The Top 10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Workout

Dancing can be an amazing workout, and some research has even shown that it has health benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. Because it’s such an enjoyable activity, you’re much more likely to stick with your exercise plan if you decide to make dancing part of it, and the great thing about dancing is that it’s fun at any age! Whether you love ballroom dancing or just want to shake your groove thing at a nightclub, here are 10 reasons why dancing is a great workout.

1) Dancing Increases Your Endurance

When you’re dancing, your heart rate increases and you work both your cardiovascular system and muscles more than if you were sitting. Over time, increased endurance can translate to improved health.

2) Dance Improves Your Balance

When you dance, your mind is forced to concentrate on your movements; after all, if you step on someone’s toes or look like an idiot out there on that dance floor, it’s game over. And with better balance comes better athleticism and agility, which can lead to improved physical skills and physical fitness down the road. Practice makes perfect!

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