Get the glow: 10 summer skin care tips for black skin

9) Schedule regular medical checkups

It’s tempting to put off a checkup when you have other things to worry about. If you’re busy or preoccupied, it can seem easy to just wait until your next routine visit. But regular medical checkups are important because they can lead to early detection of disease, which is crucial in catching conditions and reducing mortality rates. Getting regular checkups will also keep you aware of what changes need to be made in your lifestyle so that you can continue leading a healthy life.

10) Try natural remedies (e.g., aloe vera gel, coconut oil, oatmeal soaks, etc.)

If you’re not a fan of commercial products, try using natural remedies to soothe and nourish your body. According to Men’s Health, Aloe vera gel can be used as an aftershave or hair-conditioning product while coconut oil is great at removing makeup. And as you may know, oatmeal can do wonders for your skin when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing.

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