Get the glow: 10 summer skin care tips for black skin

7) Treat any allergies

Allergies can manifest in your skin and make it dry, red, and irritable. If you know that dust or pollen cause you to break out, try to avoid these allergens as much as possible (but don’t forget to wear sunscreen). Be sure that any products you use are hypoallergenic and free of any common allergens like gluten, peanuts, and dairy products. Watch what you eat—if certain foods cause your allergies to flare up, try avoiding them entirely.

8) Prevent chafing, blisters, rashes, etc.

Being careful during exercise can help prevent chafing, blisters, rashes and other skin irritations. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen—it’s a must when you’re out in hot weather. You can avoid sunburns by wearing hats and loose clothing that provides shade or UV protection. Also make sure to check your body regularly for signs of rashes or irritation.

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