Applying Liquid Eyeliner in 10 Easy Steps

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

Before you go out and attempt to line your eyes, make sure you practice several times! Hold a mirror straight in front of your face and look down into it. To apply liquid eyeliner correctly, you need to see where you’re going with your brush, so practicing will let you get comfortable with how it feels. You should be able to see every stroke of color before applying it to your eyelid, as well as any smudging or gaps along your lash line. Practice makes perfect!

Step 4: Focus on Your Wing

The most difficult part of applying liquid eyeliner is mastering your wing. For your right eye, hold your eyelid taut as you apply a thin line of black liner to extend out about a third of an inch from your lash line. Try to keep it straight, but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect—no one will notice! Practice on both eyes until you get comfortable with how it works.

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