10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy

5) Dry Shampoo Isn’t Just For Greasy Hair

It can be tempting to reach for a can of dry shampoo when your hair starts looking greasy, but that isn’t necessarily what it’s designed for. Although dry shampoo is great at soaking up oil, it does little to remove product buildup or excess styling product left in your hair. So if you use styling products or have colored hair, using dry shampoo as an oil absorber isn’t going to give you great results.

6) Styling Tools (Other Than Heat!)

Blow drying, flat ironing, curling, or any other form of heat styling is a major culprit in damaged hair. If you need to style your hair every day, opt for methods that don’t require an excess amount of heat—try air-drying or using a diffuser attachment. Heat also breaks down protective cuticles on your hair shaft, which leaves it more susceptible to damage from outside elements like chlorine and salt water.

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