10 Ways to Get Started with Healthy Meal Prep

3) Create the right kitchen environment

If you’re serious about preparing healthy meals at home, you need more than a good cookbook. You need a kitchen in which you can prepare them—and not just any kitchen will do. For instance, a countertop cooktop or range can work for simple meals, but if you want to make soup or stew on a regular basis, opt for an electric stovetop or range instead of your electric oven so that you can move pots from burner to burner as needed.

4) Clear countertops

When it comes to meal prep, one of the most important factors is having plenty of space. When every inch of your kitchen is covered in things like coffee mugs and paperwork, you don’t have enough room for containers full of food—which means you’re not likely to start meal prepping at all. To make sure you get started on healthy eating habits that are easy to maintain, try setting aside an entire day where you clear your counters and wipe them down.

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