10 Tips To Make Hooded Eyes Pop Like A Makeup Artist

9) Fluff Up Your Brush Curls with Hair Spray

If you’re not a makeup artist, it’s easy to feel intimidated by eye shadow application. Especially if you have hooded eyes, it can seem like your job is even harder because of all that extra space in your crease. As long as you’ve got a couple of tools (and a great under-eye concealer), it’s an incredibly doable thing—it just takes some practice and patience.

10) Add A Touch Of Gloss On Top And Bottom Lashes

Adding a thin layer of high-shine gloss to top and bottom lashes before adding mascara gives hooded eyes more definition. Put your lid in a horizontal position, then apply a small amount of colorless lip gloss. After it dries, start by putting on your bottom lashes using an eyelash curler. Once that’s done, add mascara to your top lashes only. Repeat with another coat of mascara and you’re set!

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