10 Tips to Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Do you want to know how to get a gorgeous smile? If you’re like most people, then the answer is yes! You may have tried whitening strips or other DIY approaches that have left you unhappy, and you’re ready to finally find a solution that works. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get the smile of your dreams without having to go under the knife or layout tons of cash at the dentist’s office—you just need to be willing to follow some simple steps and put in some time. Here are 10 tips to get the smile of your dreams.

1) Brush your teeth properly

Brushing your teeth two or three times a day is a must—but that’s not enough. You need to brush for a minimum of two minutes (the American Dental Association says we should be brushing for four minutes, but what do they know?) and try to brush at least twice a day. It’s also important that you don’t just gloss over your gums when you’re brushing.

2) Don’t let your mouth dry out

It’s important to keep your mouth moist throughout the day so that bacteria can’t take hold in your smile. Bacteria-free teeth not only sparkle but also resist cavities and are less prone to gum disease. So be sure to always have a bottle of water nearby, swish with an antibacterial mouthwash after meals, and visit your dentist for regular checkups. Good luck on getting that beautiful smile!

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